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Field Bosses

In addition to regular enemies found throughout the non-instanced maps in MapleStory 2, there are regularly spawning World Bosses and Elite Monsters.

World Bosses

World Bosses are boss monsters who spawn hourly at various maps. They are significantly challenging, and require multiple people to defeat before the boss despawns.

There are currently 18 World Bosses in MapleStory 2.

Boss Level Race Location Spawns at Timer
[Placeholder] 50 Divine [Placeholder] HH:05 Loading...
[Placeholder] 37 Divine [Placeholder] HH:40 Loading...
[Placeholder] 50 Divine [Placeholder] HH:55 Loading...
[Placeholder] 21 Devil [Placeholder] HH:55 Loading...
[Placeholder] 15 Beast [Placeholder] HH:05 Loading...
[Placeholder] 40 Devil [Placeholder] HH:05 Loading...
[Placeholder] 18 Divine [Placeholder] HH:35 Loading...
[Placeholder] 23 Divine [Placeholder] HH:15 Loading...
[Placeholder] 30 Divine [Placeholder] HH:25 Loading...
[Placeholder] 50 Devil [Placeholder] HH:15 Loading...
[Placeholder] 50 Divine [Placeholder] HH:05 Loading...
[Placeholder] 40 Divine [Placeholder] HH:45 Loading...
[Placeholder] 32 Divine [Placeholder] HH:05 Loading...
[Placeholder] 27 Machine [Placeholder] HH:45 Loading...
[Placeholder] 47 Divine [Placeholder] HH:55 Loading...
[Placeholder] 43 Divine [Placeholder] HH:25 Loading...
[Placeholder] 50 Divine [Placeholder] HH:15 Loading...
[Placeholder] 35 Spirit [Placeholder] HH:35 Loading...

Elite Monsters

Elites monsters are mini-bosses who spawn every five minutes throughout the world. They are relatively easy to defeat alone, but teaming up to defeat them will expedite the battle. Some may even drop cosmetic outfits reminiscent of the boss, like the [Placeholder] eyewear.

There are currently 21 Elite Monsters found in the field in MapleStory 2.

Elite Monster Level Race Location
[Placeholder] 27 Divine [Placeholder]
[Placeholder] 13 Fairfolk [Placeholder]
[Placeholder] 12 Humanoid [Placeholder]
[Placeholder] 35 Spirit [Placeholder]
[Placeholder] 50 Beast [Placeholder]
[Placeholder] 17 Inanimate [Placeholder]
[Placeholder] 37 Divine [Placeholder]
[Placeholder] 46 Beast [Placeholder]
[Placeholder] 50 Devil [Placeholder]
[Placeholder] 44 Machine [Placeholder]
[Placeholder] 15 Fairfolk [Placeholder]
[Placeholder] 50 Machine [Placeholder]
[Placeholder] 34 Undead [Placeholder]
[Placeholder] 40 Spirit [Placeholder]
[Placeholder] 42 Divine [Placeholder]
[Placeholder] 40 Beast [Placeholder]
[Placeholder] 48 Beast [Placeholder]
[Placeholder] 8 Beast [Placeholder]
[Placeholder] 24 Humanoid [Placeholder]
[Placeholder] 38 Spirit [Placeholder]
[Placeholder] 32 Undead [Placeholder]

Additionally, there are 5 Elite Monsters who must be accessed via sub-maps.

Elite Monster Level Race Location Note
[Placeholder] 26 Undead [Placeholder] Accessed via the arrow portal at the leftmost section of [Placeholder], below [Placeholder].
[Placeholder] 30 Beast [Placeholder] Accessed by jumping into the volcano's crater at the top of [Placeholder].
[Placeholder] 21 Plant [Placeholder] Accessed via a hidden portal (a red tree) at the top of [Placeholder].
[Placeholder] 22 Undead [Placeholder] Accessed via [Placeholder] at either the cave entrance in the quarry at the top of the map or to the right of the bridge at the bottom of the map.
[Placeholder] 3 Beast [Placeholder] Accessed via the portal under the fort at [Placeholder], to the left of where the dirt road meets the ladder.
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