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Title List

Title Name Trophy
Novice Knight
Novice Berserker
Novice Wizard
Novice Priest
Novice Archer
Novice Heavy Gunner
Novice Thief
Novice Assassin
Master Knight
Master Berserker
Master Wizard
Master Priest
Master Archer
Master Heavy Gunner
Master Thief
Master Assassin
Slayer Killer Instincts
Beary Strong
Annihilator King of the Hill
Red Conqueror [Placeholder] Conqueror
Crimson Conqueror [Placeholder] Conqueror
Local Nut Guilded Hero
Tireless Fighter For Glory!
Marathoner A True Marathoner
Aquatic A Seal At Heart
Wall-crawler Spider-Mapler
Fallen Angel Icarus
Wanderer Hey, Taxi!
Frequent Flier Float
Sweaty-foot A True Marathoner
Splasher A Seal At Heart
Subnautical A Seal At Heart
Sweaty-hand Spider-Mapler
Climber Spider-Mapler
Keep Calm and Learning to Crawl
Jumpy Boing, Boing
Exhausted Up the Ladder
Airsick Float
Bird Hater Float
Layabout Hey, Taxi!
Passenger Hey, Taxi!
Muscle King Hanging by a Thread
Explorer Victorian Pathfinder
Observer Enjoy the View
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter
Golden Hunter Gilded Globetrotter
Unwelcome Guest Su Casa Es Mi Casa
Alikar Tourist
Maple Guardian Maple Guardian
Jailbreaker Dream Escape
Streetlighter Light up the City
Cosmopolitan Victoria Island Tourist
Reckless Rock Bottom
Hot-foot Secret Passages
Totally Toxic The Poison Cave
Shadowy The Heart of Darkness
Sage Troubleshooter
Romantic Sorrow's Blossoms
Vault Dweller Kumbakawanka Coveter
Landscaper Ludibrium Landscaper
Wall Climber The Wall Climber
Mapleholic Time Among Friends
Dedicated Time Among Friends
Glutton Life's Greatest Pleasure
Destroyer Destructive Impulses
Cleaner For the Hoard
Meticulous Meticulous Detective
Immortal Immortal Hero
Savior Not on My Watch
Grabby Hold on Tight!
Bungee Jumper Ouch! Painful Tushy!
Guild Proud United We Stand
Mesoless Shopaholic
Shopaholic Shopaholic
Gazillionaire Pinching Mesos
Blacksmith Enhance!
Souvenir Collector
Mount Collector
Trend-setter Trend-setter
Trap Master Master of [Placeholder]
Sole Survivor Master of [Placeholder]
Spring Breaker Master of [Placeholder]
Control Freak [Placeholder]
Track Star Track Star
Student Driver Keep on Trucking
Cyclist Keep on Trucking
Speed Racer Keep on Trucking
Pioneer Travel Agent
Goofball Boing, Boing
Rhythm Rider Unstoppable!
Relentless Unstoppable!
Useless Lighten Your Load
Unchained Lighten Your Load
Newcomer A New Path
Unstoppable Killer Instincts
Warlord Killer Instincts
Fearless King of the Hill
Common Enemy Crimson Tide
Tearful Bitter Memories of [Placeholder]
Peaceful The Pain of Failure
Starseeker On Your Knees!
Vengeful Vanquished
Penitent Bitter Memories of [Placeholder]
Unchallenged For Glory!
Lost A True Marathoner
Picky Golden Delicious
Summoner Master of the Misty Temple
Handy Proficient Plumber
Lovesick Time Among Friends
Ravager Destructive Impulses
Tidy For the Hoard
Detective Meticulous Detective
Clingy Hold on Tight!
Action Star Living off the Edge
Cool Save Time, Spend Money
Big Spender Shopaholic
Extravagant Save Time, Spend Money
Season 1 Contender Guild Championship Season 1 Participant
Gourmand Late-Night Snack
Health Nut Berry Berry Good
Juicy Bubbly and Refreshing
Grillmaster Fire-grilled Food
Contestant Battle Buddies
Cheer Captain Battle Buddies
Loyalist Battle Buddies
Cruel King of the Hill
Worldwide Star On Your Knees!
Lonesome Crimson Tide
Big Hero Guilded Hero
Rhythmic Boing, Boing
Apologetic Papa's Wish
Perky Spiritual Healing
Greedy Pinching Mesos
Backseat Driver Save Time, Spend Money
Partner (Account) Did We Just Become Best Friends?
Good Friend (Account) Did We Just Become Best Friends?
Caring (Account) Did We Just Become Best Friends?
Investigator A Suspicious Suitcase
The Fantastic One More Level!
Shepherd Shaggy Lamb
Horned Friends with Horns
Moonlit Shadow Walking in the Darkness
Watcher The Journey Continues
Experienced The Journey Continues
True Scholar The Journey Continues
Self-Proclaimed Hero A Hero's Footsteps
True Champion A True Champion
Top Designer [Trophy Name]
Hero at Last A Hero's Wingbeat
Gatekeeper You Shall Not Pass!
Medic Brothers in Arms
Balmy Shepherd Baa Baa!
Star Architect (Account) Star Architect
Liked (Account) Star Architect
Time Traveler Time Traveler
Complex Future Tech
Fighter A Lonely Crusade
Gardener Caring for Your Garden
Brave Bravehearted
Treasure Conquerer Treasure Conquerer
Persistent Plunderer Persistent Plunderer
Ambush Master I'm Not Coming Down
Returner A Mournful Wait
Centennialist (Account) MapleStory 2 100th Day Celebration Gift
Trophyholic Trophy Maniac
Trophy Maniac Trophy Maniac
Trophy Master Trophy Maniac
Sincere Daily Routine
Overworked Daily Routine
Enchanting Enchant Addict
Ready, Steady Defend the Ramparts
Guardian Angel Guardian Angel
Curious Quiz Lover
Knowledge Seeker Quiz Lover
Brain-cramped Winning Streak
Well-informed Winning Streak
Clever Master of Trivia
Walking Encyclopedia Master of Trivia
Quiz Master Master of Trivia
Honorary Journalist Maple 2's Honorary Journalist
Thrilling Dark Temptation
Mind-blower Wipe Them Out!
Brawler [Placeholder] Round 5
Scourge of Darkness [Placeholder] Round 15
Warrior of Light [Placeholder] Round 30
Amateur Angler Amateur Angler
Veteran Angler Veteran Angler
Expert Angler Expert Angler
Master Angler Master Angler
Virtuoso A Musician with a Dream
Fishing Champion Prize Angler
Musician A Musician with a Dream
Maestro A Musician with a Dream
Free Spirit Guitarist
Guitarist Guitarist
Sweetie Pianist
Pianist Pianist
Flip-flopper Catch of the Day
Fishing Fanatic Catch of the Day
Fishing Enthusiast Fishing Maniac's Fantasy
Milletian Play Mabinogi OST
Rune Child Play TalesWeaver OST
Hardcore Mapler Play MapleStory OST
Kart Rider Play Kartrider OST
Breezy Play Nexus OST
Sudden Play Sudden Attack OST
Conqueror of Evil Conqueror of Evil
Heart-melter Clarinetist
Clarinetist Clarinetist
Stringy Harpist
Harpist Harpist
Boom Boom Pow Timpanist
Percussionist Timpanist
Zinger Electric Guitarist
Melodic Shock Electric Guitarist
Bold Bass Guitarist
Bassist Bass Guitarist
Ba-dum Tom-Tom Drummer
Passionate Drummer Tom-Tom Drummer
Farmer [Placeholder] Complete!
Warm-hearted A Warm Heart
Invisible You Can't Always Win
Shrewd Lord of the Dance
Halting A Joyous Jig
Sluggish Can't Stop Groovin'
Moody Realizing Perfection
Reporter MapleStory 2's Information Reporter
Frenzied Violinist
Violinst Violinist
Admirable Cellist
Cellist Cellist
Innocent Pan Flutist
Pan Flutist Pan Flutist
Pioneer (Account) Precursor
Special A Special Fishing Spot
Teacher's Pet Brand New Light
Starlight Explorer Unity Under the Stars
Maplegraphic Star (Account) MapleStory 2 New Record Celebration Gft
Slurpy (Account) Drinking [Placeholder]
Guild Worker Guild Worker
Twinkling Achieving Perfection
Star A Lavish Display
Homesick (Account) Homesick
Star Designer Star Designer
Star Adventurer (Account) Star Adventurer
Soulful Saxophonist
Saxophonist Saxophonist
Babbly Trombonist
Trombonist Trombonist
Rockstar Trumpeter
Trumpeter Trumpeter
Pathfinder Pathfinder
Bright Ocarinist
Ocarinist Ocarinist
Stable Acoustic Bass Guitarist
Acoustic Bassist Acoustic Bass Guitarist
Ambidextrous Vibraphonist
Vibraphonist Vibraphonist
Jaunty Electric Pianist
Electric Pianist Electric Pianist
Popular Pick Bassist
Pick Bassist Pick Bassist
Ringer Steel Drummer
Steel Drummer Steel Drummer
Novice Miner Novice Miner
Veteran Miner Veteran Miner
Expert Miner Expert Miner
Master Miner [Trophy Name]
Novice Rancher Novice Rancher
Veteran Rancher Veteran Rancher
Expert Rancher Expert Rancher
Master Rancher [Trophy Name]
Novice Blacksmith Novice Blacksmith
Veteran Blacksmith Veteran Blacksmith
Expert Blacksmith Expert Blacksmith
Master Blacksmith [Trophy Name]
Novice Artist Novice Artist
Veteran Artist Veteran Artist
Expert Artist Expert Artist
Master Artist [Trophy Name]
Endless [Trophy Name]
Homebody (Account) Beginner Interior Designer
Agoraphobic (Account) Intermediate Interior Designer
Bachelor (Account) Professional Interior Designer
Housewarmer (Account) An Inviting Abode
Potential Roommate (Account) A Truly Spectacular Home
Master of Adventure Master of Adventure
Melodic Oboe Player
Oboist Oboe Player
Plucky Pizzicato Violinist
Pizzicato Master Pizzicato Violinist
Detailed Harpsichord Player
Harpsichordist Harpsichord Player
Novice Gatherer Novice Gatherer
Veteran Gatherer Veteran Gatherer
Expert Gatherer Expert Gatherer
Master Gatherer [Trophy Name]
Novice Farmer Novice Farmer
Veteran Farmer Veteran Farmer
Expert Farmer Farming Expert
Master Farmer [Trophy Name]
Novice Alchemist Novice Alchemist
Veteran Alchemist Veteran Alchemist
Expert Alchemist Expert Alchemist
Master Alchemist [Trophy Name]
Novice Chef Novice Chef
Veteran Chef Veteran Chef
Expert Chef Expert Chef
Master Chef [Trophy Name]
Sweetheart Sweet Valentine's Day 1
Quiz Lover True/False Quiz Lover
Hero The Birth of a Hero
Superhero The Birth of a Super Hero
First Knight Maple World's First Knight
Late Knight Maple World's Latest Knight
The Next Merin Happy 2nd Anniversary!
Monster Catcher Monster Catcher
Monster Tamer Monster Tamer
Ding-donger Xylophone Savant
Xylophonist Xylophone Savant
Corny Harmonica Savant
Harmonica Master Harmonica Savant
Unified First Conqueror of the Ancient God Zakum
#1 First Conqueror of the Ancient God Zakum
#1 Wizard First Conqueror of the Ancient God Zakum
#1 Assassin First Conqueror of the Ancient God Zakum
Deity First Conqueror of the Ancient God Zakum
Buddy First Conqueror of the Ancient God Zakum
Second in Command First Conqueror of the Ancient God Zakum
Captain First Conqueror of the Ancient God Zakum
Covetous Sparkling Meret-Man
Tooter Tooting Meret-Man
Meret Meister Rich Meret-Man
Springer The First Pink Bean Punisher
Top Dog The First Pink Bean Punisher
BOSS The First Pink Bean Punisher
Dreamboat The First Pink Bean Punisher
National The First Pink Bean Punisher
Mapler The First Pink Bean Punisher
-xXxBESTxASSASSINxXx- The First Pink Bean Punisher
1st The First Pink Bean Punisher
Assassin The First Pink Bean Punisher
Obsessed The Perfected Pet
Sweet and Salty [Trophy Name]
Balrog Defender
Infernog Defender
Harbinger of Spring
Sweet [Trophy Name]
Shadow Bard [Trophy Name]
Blossom Farmer Blossom Farmer
Eternal Mapler
Fan Art Exhibitor
Boxer Float Like a Butterfly
Pacifist Outsmart the Competition
Herbalist Herbalism
Jittery Energy Drink Buzz
Field Medic Always Prepared
Master Blaster Blast Away
Pyromaniac Pocket Flames
Ranger Arrows and Arrows and Arrows
Iron Sights Superior Technology
Bomber Arms Race
Lucky Blind Luck
Weapons Master Extremely Skilled
Royale Tyrant Mushking Scourge
Mushknight The Mushking's Favorite
Recorder Player Recorder Player
Recorder Master Recorder Player
Celesta Player Celesta Player
Celesta Master Celesta Player
Slime-friend Slime-friend
Rainbow Rancher Rainbow Rancher
Tree Hugger Forest of Friendship
Kitty Whisperer Cats in Love
New Hire Gainful Employment
Street Food Vendor Care for a Corn Dog?
Delivery Person Pizza Delivery!
Footwear Enthusiast Don't Lose It Again!
Field Biologist Adorable Axolotls
Mad Fisher The Most Thrilling Catch
Violet Conjuror Dark Pact
Sleepy The Lazy Mushroom
TITLENAME_10000501_NAME [Trophy Name]
TITLENAME_10000502_NAME [Trophy Name]
Ultimate Survivor
Honorary Mushtopian
Blockade Runner Another Brick in the Wall
Battle Healer Sanctuary
High Maintenance High Maintenance
Special Guest A Walk in the Park
Arms Dealer [Placeholder] Scavenger
Tourist The View Up High
Chatterbox Chitter Chatter
Slime-scourge Good as Gold
Insomniac Who Needs Sleep?
Explosives Enthusiast Bomb Diggity
Swim Captain [Placeholder] Swim Club
Usurper Pop Goes the Mushking
Climbing Connoisseur Free Climbing in [Placeholder]
Royale Fiend (Account) Royalety
Survivalist Survivalist
Tactician Tactician
Manhunter Manhunter
Joddy's BFF
Royale Commando
Squad Ace
Revenant Reaper The Accursed Axe
Alien Ambassador The Truth is Out There
Mika's Friend Lightless Scion
Groupie Rock 'n' Roll Once More
Master Photographer Photographer for the Day
Top Designer (Account) Top Designer
Star Architect (Account) Star Architect
Maple Fanatic Maple Fanatic
Pumky's Friend Pumky's Friend
Pumky Rancher Pumky Rancher
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